Why have a Wedding Planner?

December 8, 2014 | Baliku Why not? Having a Wedding Planner for any destination wedding is pretty much a must. It can only be beneficial, as trying to arrange a destination wedding independently would be a stressful and logistical nightmare. This is not what you want associated with one of the most special days of your life. A Wedding Planner or Consultant is going to be able to share their wealth of knowledge and experience with you and hopefully make your wedding planning process and enjoyable one. In some cases it is a requirement of the venue that you engage the services of an Event Organiser. This is mostly for villa weddings and it ensures that there is someone present to assume responsibility over the event and the various vendors employed to provide services. Whether it is a resort or villa wedding you will find that a Wedding Planner or EO will pretty much pay for themselves. They will save you time by offering relevant advice and drawing from their experience and resources. They will also save you money by making the most suitable suggestions based on your budget requirements. For example, services booked through your Wedding Planner are often much more cost effective in comparison to booking the same services through a resort. There ...Read More

Villa Weddings Vs Resort Weddings

December 8, 2014 | Baliku There are a number of things and issues to consider when choosing the perfect venue for your wedding day. Your venue selection is one of, if not the most important decision you will make for your wedding. Although it may be a difficult decision due to all of the venue options here in Bali, you will find that once you have chosen your venue, everything else will simply fall into place. One of the main things to consider when planning your wedding and choosing a venue is budget. Not so long ago we would have said that a resort wedding was a more cost effective option than a villa wedding. Now days, that is simply not the case. Although villa weddings come with the additional expenses of minimum night stays, function fees and Banjar (local council) fees, there are also a number of cost saving benefits to villa weddings.  Most services through a resort have a high markup so pricing for items like food, beverages, decoration, entertainment etc are generally very high. These extra costs can often negate the additional fees for a villa wedding (especially if you have high guest numbers) so the pricing for a villa wedding can be cheaper or comparable to a resort wedding. Another benefit ...Read More
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