It is possible for people of most nationalities to be legally married in Bali and to do so you are required to have a religious ceremony. The religious ceremony is performed by a representative of your religious beliefs. The Civil Registrar attends your religious ceremony and the legal documents for your marriage will be signed and officiated during your religious ceremony. Two separate certificates, both religious and civil, will be issued to you.

There are five recognized religions in Indonesia and they are Buddhist, Catholic, Protestant, Moslem and Hindu.

All legal weddings arranged by Baliku Weddings are legally recognized in Indonesia as well as your home country. In most cases it is required that you register your wedding with the relevant government department of your country upon your return home.

The required paperwork for a legal wedding in Bali varies depending on your religion so a specific list of these will be provided for you at the time of your enquiry. This allows us to provide you with only the relevant information and therefore avoiding any confusion for you.


A Commitment Ceremony is an ideal way for two people to express their love and commitment to one another without any legal implications. It can be a religious ceremony or completely non religious depending on the wishes of couple. It is performed by a Balinese Officiant and can be arranged to specifically suit your tastes.


To have a traditional Balinese Blessing the couple must be of the Balinese Hindu faith. It is for this reason that Baliku Weddings offers a non legal version of a Balinese Blessing which combines the traditional components of a wedding ceremony and the spritiual elements of a Balinese Blessing.

Our Balinese Blessing is performed by a Balinese priest (Mangku) and within the ceremony there is traditional text such as the exchange of vows renewal bali, rings and pronouncing of husband and wife as well as offerings made to the Balinese Gods. The priest also includes the ringing of Balinese Hindu bells, blowing of a horn and Balinese chanting.

The great and unique thing about this Balinese blessing ceremony is that there is guest participation and towards the end of the ceremony all of the guests are invited to make a circle and join hands and each guest offers the couple a one word blessing, For example, hope, faith, love etc.


The vow renewal ceremony is the perfect opportunity for people who are already legally married to re-declare their love and continuing commitment to one another. It is an adaptable ceremony as it is non legal and can contain a religious or non religious element depending on the couple’s wishes. It can be performed by the relevant representative of your religion or by an officiate. You have the option of choosing one of our standard commitment ceremony texts or personalize your commintment ceremony by writing your own vow renewal ceremony. You may even wish to use a combination of the two.

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